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Waistband interlining

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New style Comfortable Waistband        

By using different fiber, the new style waistband can change with the change of the    human waist, can have the advantages of soft feeling in warp and stiff feeling in the weft.            
Second, By improving the traditional urethane elastic fiber, Customers can adjust easily the width according to requirement. The new style waistband has excellent evenness and dimension stability.                                     

Third, By using the double dot coating technique, the new style waistband is easily for use with low temperature to get the high bond strength.
Forth,  Environmental friendly. The new style waistband does not contain any hazardous substance.                                      
Fifth, The new style waistband can resist any washing with permanence.
Sixth, The new style waistband is easy for folding up with excellent resiliency. 
Seventh, The resiliency on warp can be ±60%.

width composition weight powder Color coating weaving
150cm New Style Elastic 240 g/m2 Pa white,black Double dot Plain
Temperature 125-145℃
Time 12-18 Sec
Pressure 1.5-2.5Kg/cm2